ISKCON Educational Services has facilitated students visiting the temple since 2004. IES further develops into its present stage through the cooperation with the Harmony in Diversity program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
The objective of the IES program is to provide an opportunity for students to understand the multi-dimensions of the Hindu culture and its practices. 
We cater to all age groups, from pre-school to University. Our approach is learning-centred, favouring experiential and interactive learning.
We offer a comprehensive booking service in order to customise your visit.
We have conducted field trips on Hinduism and Indian Culture for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools & universities.
Harmony in Diversity Program of Chinese University of Hong Kong has been our working partner for over ten years. 


Regular Programs for Temple Visit

The activities arranged for students include:

  1. A talk introducing Vaishnava philosophy and teachings
  2. Observation and participation in the worship ceremony (aratik)
  3. Dancing and Chanting (kirtan) with traditional music
  4. Yoga and meditation
  5. Cooking demonstration
  6. Introduction of spices used in cooking in traditional Indian meal
  7. Dressing in Traditional Indian Costumes
  8. Experiencing Indian vegetarian meal

We provide tailor-made programs to match the learning needs of the students.

You can choose different aspects of the culture to be incorporated in the program.
Please contact Ms. Tang at 27396818 for further details.
Email for booking:


Professorship in Indian Religions and Culture

The Professorship in Indian Religions and Culture was established at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in September 2007 by the mutual cooperation of the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of CUHK, ISKCON and the local Indian community of Hong Kong. 

The program is an interreligious and cultural project for the promotion of Indian culture, religion and tradition through academia and other higher educational programs. It is the only program of its kind in Hong Kong and is one of the very few such programs in South and Northeast Asia. 


  1. To explain and teach Indian religions and culture to the people of Hong Kong
  2. To foster stronger cultural bridges between the countries of India and China
  3. To serve the Indian community in Hong Kong by organizing cultural programs and promoting further studies of India’s rich cultural heritage.


Scope of Activities


  1. Academic undergraduate and graduate teaching and supervision
  2. Academic research through scholarly publications and conferences
  3. Continuing education programs for the wider community
  4. Publications aimed at the general public
  5. Cultural programs to promote greater understanding between communities.



Course on Introduction to Hinduism

Since 2012, ISKCON co-organized Short Courses on the Introduction to Hinduism with the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The courses were well received by the local Hong Kong Chinese people.

Interfaith Dialogues

ISKCON has been participating in Interfaith Dialogues and activities since 1996.
We regularly participate in the events of the Network on Religions and Peace in Hong Kong.